Our firm has extensive experience with representing public entities throughout the State of Ohio. Our attorneys currently represent Beavercreek Township, Ross Township, and Miami Township as the general legal counsel and Law Directors for each jurisdiction and have served as Law Directors for Washington Township and Tipp City, Ohio.

In addition, we handle a variety of other legal matters for cities, villages, townships, counties, jails, health districts, court systems and other public entities, including their employees and elected officials and appointed officials. We are well versed in the statutes and regulations that apply specifically to public entities and their officials. We assist public entities in the drafting of policies and procedures related to their everyday functions and provide legal advice aimed at preventing litigation. We also represent public entities who are faced with a threatened suit or legal action.

We routinely represents townships, municipalities and counties on matters relating to employment and personnel matters, the Ohio Public Records Act, Ohio Sunshine Law, civil rights and police issues, zoning and planning and land use issues and disputes, public contracting, and general governance issues. We have also worked with police and fire departments to develop and revise handbooks, employment policies and procedures and assist in the development of general operating guidelines and procedures unique to police and fire departments. In our positions as Legal Counsel, General Counsel and Law Director for public entities, we are responsible for reviewing and/or drafting the various contractual obligations executed by public boards and officials. Such review and drafting includes a variety of contractual proposals, including software license agreements, lease agreements, real estate purchase and sale agreements, mutual aid agreements, fire equipment purchase agreements, construction and improvement agreements, easement agreements, service provider agreements, and other legal obligations requiring the approval of legislative bodies.

Our experience providing legal services on a variety of matters to all types of political subdivisions, their staff and elected officials distinguishes our firm from others. Our attorneys appreciate that public entities and public officials have unique needs and challenges created by the statutory framework in which they operate. This statutory framework often clashes with the public’s expectations and demands. Because of our connections with various political subdivisions and officials, we have an extensive networks of resources available to us. This network works to the advantage of our clients. It allows us to make connections with others to discuss concepts and ideas, and to learn from the successes and failures of other jurisdictions. Our experience working with public officials gives us a unique insight into the problems and pressures of local governments.